Text on Photo for iPhone

How to use

Tap the top-left "Photo" button to add a photograph. The photograph is added.
Tap the top "Text" button to add a new text. Type and tap the blue "Done" button. The new text is added.
Tap the text box once or twice to show the bottom editor panel. "Font", "Outline Color", "Text Color", "Text Size", "Alpha/Transparency" can be edited. More texts can be added by repeating the operations above. Tap the top-right "Save" button to save to Camera Roll.

Trouble shooting

Can't use the bottom editor panel.
Add a text and tap the text box once or twice to show the bottom editor panel.
Can't load photographs.
Please check this page.
→ "Privacy settings on iOS6"
Can't save.
Both a photograph and at least one text need to be added to save.
Texts are not saved.
Texts outside of the photo are not saved.
Only texts inside of the photo are saved.
App crashes while saving.
There is a possibility that your device is out of memory if this app crashes while saving because a lot of memory is needed when many textures is used or the image size is very large.

Please close all of applications before using this app.
- Tap the home button to close this app.
- Double tap the home button and then tap & hold one of the active app icons.
- After icons start dancing, tap the minus circles on the apps to close them.
Then, try this app again.

Please reduce the number of text-boxes or reduce the size of the photograph if this app still crashes.