PhotoLayers for iPad mini

How to use

Tap the "Background" button to add a background photograph. Crop the photograph and tap the blue "Done" button. "3:4" is the ratio for iPad's screen size. The background photograph is added. Tap the photograph to show the editor panel. "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation", "hue", "Sepia", "Sharpness/Blur" can be edited. Tap the Labels beside the sliders to reset. Tap the "Add Layer" button and select the "Album" to add a new photo layer. The new layer is added.Tap the "Eraser" button. Tap the left-bottom blue "Eraser" button to open the "Background Eraser". Adjust the "Offset" slider to adjust the offset between the cursor and the touched point. "Auto", "Color", "Manual", "Restore", "Zoom" modes can be selected. A photograph can be zoomed in the "Zoom" mode. Adjust the slider on the bottom to set the threshold in the "Auto" mode or the radius in the "Manual/Restore" mode. Tap the left-bottom button to change the background color. This feature is helpful to check the resulted image. Tap the blue "Done" button to finish. "Background" is erased. Adjust the "Feather" slider to soften the image edge. Tap the "Compensate" button to show the editor panel for color adjusting. "Alpha/Transparency", "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation", "hue", "Sepia", "Sharpness/Blur" can be edited. Tap the Labels beside the sliders to reset. Move, resize and rotate the layer to set the position. Tap the right-bottom "Save" button to save the masked layer. Tap the right-top "Save" button to save the resulted photomontage. The resulted photomontage can be saved to Camera Roll, posted to Facebook or Twitter, sent by e-mail. You can make the photomontage more artistic. Tap the background photograph to show the editor panel and adjust the "Sharpness" slider to the left and blur the background photos. The photomontage becomes more beautiful.

Background Eraser

To learn more about the "Background Eraser", the page below will be helpful.
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